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Friday, August 15th, 2008 by Ari

I usually don’t care much about the summer olympics, but this year Rebecca has been watching so I’ve been unable to escape the clutches of NBC’s non-stop coverage of Michael Phelps. Although I can’t help but find myself rooting for Phelps and looking up his schedule online to make sure I don’t miss any of his races, watching this olympics has reminded me of why I don’t like the summer games. Since I don’t have anything other than the basic chanells, I’m stuck with NBC’s coverage, which as far as I can tell consist of:

  • Stupid human interest stories
  • Hype, speculation, innuendo, guess-work, more hype, predictions, analysis, interviews with everyone who has ever been within 10 feet of Michael Phelps, and more hype.
  • Swimming
  • Pre-adolescent girls writhing around on various device. (Seriously – am I the only one who feels like a pedophile if I even think about girls gymnastics?)
  • volleyball

There are way too many swimming events, and they’re all televised. There are hundreds of sports in the summer games, why is 80% of the actual sport coverage done from the water cube? Besides, let’s be honest, all the swimming races are really same same. Yes, I know, in some races they lie on their backs instead of their stomachs, or they move their arms outwards instead of around, and sometimes they go an extra lap, but it’s really all the same. Michael Phelps is not the “greatest olympian of all time”, he’s just lucky enough to be in a sport where they award 8 medals for winning instead of 1. If they gave out as many medals in tennis as they do in swimming Phelps wouldn’t even be in the top 10.