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January 10th, 2007 by admin

On the positive side, the Sixers are now practically a lock for a top 3 draft pick.

3 Responses to “basketball”

  1. Hillel Says:

    On behalf of New Yorkers everywhere, I just want to thank Philadelphia. Your Sixers implosion has turned the Knicks into playoff contenders when everyone said they were a mortal lock to finish last. Your Flyers have boosted the Rangers (and Isles) into contention, well beyond where their shoddy goaltending should have them.
    And the success of your Garcia-led Iggles has virtually guaranteed an ugly QB controversy next training camp. If Garcia wins the Super Bowl, or even the NFC championship, what the heck is Andy Reid gonna do with a healthy McNabb? If they start 0-2, how long before Philly’s famously loyal fans start chanting the other’s name? Me, I can’t wait for the fireworks to start…

  2. Angel one Says:

    The Knicks can thank the entire eastern conference for turning itself into a second tier conference by trading away all it’s stars to the west, not just the Sixers. Personally I think it’s all the Lakers fault – by stockpiling so much talent the rest of the west had to keep up, while the east stagnated only having to keep up with the Nets and Pistons.

    As for the QB “controversy”, even if/when Garcia wins the superbowl, it’s obvious to everyone that McNabb is simply a better QB. If/when he wins, people will recognize the team effort.

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