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The first Mrs. Elias-Bachrach

Monday, June 27th, 2005 by admin

After months of planning, steress, and worrying. After what seems like an endless string of decisions problems that seemed to be destined to offend one person or another, or ruin something, the big day was finally here. (Yesterday that is, I’m not like dream king who actually posted from the yichud room). I don’t think I really realized what was going on till I started walking down the aisle. During the first part of the walk I was thinking “this is a nice wedding”. About halfway down I suddenly realized “hey, this is my wedding! They’re all standing cause I’m walking down and I’m the groom!”

The wedding was awesome. Not just because Rebecca and I were joined in the timeless union of marriage, but because everyone we knew was there, and everyone seemed to have a great time too. The shtick alone was worth the price of admission. Dave breakdanced, Oren juggled, Matt dressed up in a trek uniform, David was the cat in the hat, Mark and Andrew had a lightsaber duel, Efrat and Shoshana tapdanced, Mordechai was Dilbert, we were presented with all the tools necesarry to build a settlement in settlers of Catan, Evonne was dressed as…… something, Clate was a klingon, Yonatan did hand stands, we were presented with untradeable calamity cards, (each other), Matt shor kurt with a nerf gun, Kurt brought out his old Wash U hardhat, Andrew pulled a ketshup bottle out of Hillel’s rear end, and everyone had a chance to jump rope (made out of the catering hall’s napkins). My brother had tested out a flaming hat the night before, but the catering staff saw him walking in with cotton, alcohol, and matches and stopped him. (I do have a video of him testing it the night before which I’ll have to post later).

To everyone who came, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for everything you did, for the shtick, for the dancing, for the enthusiasm, for keeping me hydrated, and thank you for just being there. This day would not have been nearly as enjoyable without all of you present, and each one of you added your unique presence to the wedding and made it the wonderful and fantastic experience that it was.

The best touch of the wedding (other than the fact that I walked down the aisle to the theme from Star Trek FIrst Contact and Rebecca walked down to Part of your world from the little mermaid), was when the ketubah was presented. Rb. Levene, who is the rabbi of the shul my family has attended since before I was born read the ketubah, and I then presented it to Rebecca. Rb. Freundel (who was running the show), then said that he was presenting Rebecca with a translation of the ketubah…. in Klingon! (Courtesy of the chief rabbi of the Klingon empire of course).

We have the best darn friends in all of explored space

As a last note, Mark Dredze was collecting people’s pictures from their digital cameras at the end of the wedding and had a few hundred pictures at last count. I’m going to get them and post them somewhere around here soon. If you have pictures that none of us have, please contact me so I can add them to the collection.